I miss you

I have Flashbacks Nightmares Inner battles Demons Problems Anxiety Depression From what you did to me But the break downs … More


Going there tonight was such a mistake There’s only so much I can take before I break every word and … More

Trauma love

That feeling of love was like a drug Something i couldn’t get enough of I’d do anything just to be … More


Sometimes I don’t want to feel And forget the pain is real Sometimes I wonder if I’m broken For wanting … More

Nightmares of reality

the nightmares started at just 8 years old No difference in reality made my world so cold Reliving it constantly … More

Song number 2

My mind can be my best friend and my worst enemy it can cause me to go to my lowest … More


Please don’t walk away Please tell me you’ll stay I’m trying to change I know I’m insane Somethings messed up … More

Lean on me

Song- lean on me My goal is to learn at least one new song a month, piano is a new … More


Puff a joint sip a drink Turns my brain off so I don’t have to think To distract from the … More