Days like these

A rainy Sunday just to rest Would work if I wasn’t such a mess The rain puts my anxiety to … More


You took a piece from me Every time you hit me Every time you yelled at me Every time you … More

One phone call away

One phone call with you Changes my mood instantly You never loose consistency It starts off nice to pull me … More


Count back 3……2….1 Distract away until you feel you’ve won You’ve made it through another day You’ve turned the pain … More

Conditional love

you’ll love me when I’m smart I’m strong I’m independent I’m good enough But your supposed to love me when … More

Shut down

The thoughts start to take control Beginning to take a toll Not only on your mind but your body and … More


Mood changing as fast as the tide Sometimes it’s high sometimes it’s low Sometimes it feels like the storm won’t … More