Count back 3……2….1

Distract away until you feel you’ve won

You’ve made it through another day

You’ve turned the pain away

Yet there are so many things in the way

All from something someone might say

A song on the radio makes the world go grey

It takes you so far away

Back to a time or day

You fight to stay present

But your mind took over with out your consent

You feel a shift inside you start to descent

walls close in on you like your stuck in a vent

You fight back the urge to cry

Even though it’s written on your eyes

It becomes so hard to focus

Words people say become muffled and mute

Things become blurry you do your best to stay

Tomorrow starts to feel so far away

So you try your best to make it through today

you really need this pain to be done

So you count back 3…2…1

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